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New: Integrated Ethernet interface / Power over Ethernet

With immediate effect the VA 550 and VA 570 flow sensors for heavy duty industrial applications will optionally be available with an integrated Ethernet interface (Modbus/TCP).

The connection of the flow meters for compressed air and gases to generic energy management systems and process control systems becomes more and more important.

As of now the sensor models VA 550/570 can either be equipped with a classic Ethernet interface or with Power over Ethernet (PoE). During operation with Power over Ethernet there will be no additional power supply necessary for VA 550/570.

mong others you can get the following information via Modbus/TCP protocol:

  • Flow in m³/h, m³/min, liters/min, liters/sec, kg/h, …
  • Counter in m³, Liter, kg, …
  • Temperature in °C (°F)
  • Serial number, last date of calibration, next date of calibration
  • Min-, Max, average values of flow and temperature

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