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Applications / Leak detection / Monitoring of Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Application Report Pneumatic Conveying Systems

In summary, a bulk material is a powdery, granular, or lumpy material that is present in a form in which it can be poured. Bulk solids can consist of many materials and are defined by particle size, bulk density, roughness, and temperature. For example, building materials such as gravel, cement and sand are bulk materials, but foodstuffs such as sugar, salt, coffee, and flour are also considered bulk materials.

The transport of these bulk materials requires special measures. A distinction is made between continuous and discontinuous transport. Continuous transport is ensured, for example, by means of hoses or pipes with compressed air as the conveying medium - so-called pneumatic conveying.

The optimization of pneumatic conveying systems is very popular today because a lot of energy can be saved. For conveying through pipes and hoses, either treated or untreated compressed air is used, depending on the bulk material. The amount of compressed air required should be monitored and, if possible, kept as low as possible. Monitoring of compressed air consumption is recommended in all cases.

In addition to compressed air consumption, quality is clearly a primary concern for many bulk materials. For example, the air used to convey powdered medicines or foodstuffs such as flour or sugar should be free of water, oil, or other particles.

As in any compressed air system, leakage can increase energy consumption exponentially. Regularly monitoring the tightness of the system can save big money.

For proper monitoring of your pneumatic conveying systems, we recommend:

Flow Meter with Modbus Interface - VA 500

VA 500 - Flow sensor for compressed air and gases

RS 485 interface, Modbus RTU, 4...20 mA analogue output for m³/h, Pulse output for m³.


LD 500/510 - Leak detector with camera

Due to the integrated camera and the available accessories our starter kit for leak detection enables reliable leak detection as well as compressed air leakage calculation and reporting according to ISO 50001.

Dew point sensor with integrated display - FA 500

FA 500 - Dew point sensor with integrated display and alarm relay

Ideal instrument for dew point measuring for all kinds of dryers.

residual oil content measurement OILCHECK according to 8573

Residual oil content measurement OILCHECK according to ISO 8573 - stationary solution

The residual oil content sensor OILCHECK measures the vaporous residual oil content in the compressed air. For stationary solution we offer you a combination with the chart recorder DS 400.

Particle counter PC 400 according to ISO 8573

Particle counter PC 400 - stationary solution according to ISO 8573

The highly precise optical particle counter PC 400 measures particles from a size of 0.1 µm and is therefore suitable for monitoring of the compressed air quality class 1 ISO 8573.


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