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Practical workshop on compressed air analysis

Continuously increasing requirements on the production and distribution of compressed air require a wide knowledge of the responsible employees.

For more than 20 years CS Instruments has a sound experience in compressed air production, compressed air distribution and compressed air drying. Our strength is based on a long-term cooperation with technicians in measurement technology and practical users. This results in absolutely practicable measuring instruments and overall solutions for the daily measurement routine. 

Seminar dates:

please contact us by e-mail and let us know, which date would be convenient for you to visit our practical workshop on compressed air analysis in Germany.

[Translate to Belgien:] Main topics of the workshop:

  • [Translate to Belgien:] Energy analysis
  • Leakage calculation
  • Flow measurement
  • Dew point measurement / pressure dew point measurement
  • Physical basics
  • Practical hints all around the measurement technology

Target groups: Responsible employees in the compressed air systems divisions.

Are you interested in a workshop?

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