Foundation of a new subsidiary for the Benelux region - CS Instruments Benelux BV

Adsensys BV becomes CS Instruments Benelux BV

From left to right: Arthur Scheffer (Managing Director of CS Instruments Benelux BV), Wolfgang Blessing (Managing Director of CS Instruments GmbH & Co. KG) and Martijn Visser (Sales Manager Benelux)

At CS Instruments, we strive to maintain a close and collaborative relationship with all our customers and partners. Knowing how important it is to be as close as possible with our customers, we maintain an extensive network of international subsidiaries and global contractors that our customers can rely on at all times.

The Dutch company Adsensys BV has been a highly successful member of the CS Instruments family since 2010. By providing reliable and exemplary service to our customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, the company has experienced steady growth over the past few years and has helped to further strengthen the brand awareness of CS Instruments globally. The synergies that have resulted from this successful cooperation, coupled with mutual respect and trust, have now moved us to take our collaboration to the next level.

As a result of these considerations, we are pleased to announce the establishment of the official CS Instruments subsidiary in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The address of the new subsidiary is as follows:

CS Instruments Benelux BV
Korhoenweg 15
4791 RM Klundert, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)168 382 699

Of course, all agreements made in the past between Adsensys BV and its customers continue to be valid. However, if you still have questions that are related to this founding, do not hesitate to contact our new colleagues in the Netherlands directly.



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D-78052 VS-Tannheim
P: +49 7705 978 99 0
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