New: Parabolic mirror for leak detectors LD 500 and LD 510

Parabolic mirror for acoustic leak detection in compressed air and gas

Experts in compressed air and gas measurement are well aware of the fact, that we at CS Instruments are continuously extending our product portfolio with innovative measurement instruments and suitable accessories. Further more, we always strive to optimize our latest product line to hold up with current market requirements. One result of these efforts is our newly develop parabolic mirror for enhanced leak detection in industrial compressed air and gas systems.

With immediate effect, the newly developed parabolic mirror complements the portfolio of optional accessories for the LD 500 and LD 510 leak detectors and extends the range of applications of those devices with the option of acoustic leak detection over long distances. This innovation will make the already very versatile leak detection system even more variable in future.

By bundling ultrasonic waves, the parabolic mirror enables pinpoint localization (+/- 15 cm) of even the smallest leaks up to 15 meters away. Noise is reliably reduced to a minimum to keep the application as intuitive as possible. Together with the other optional accessories for our professional leak detectors LD 500 and LD 510, our system now covers almost every imaginable leak detection application in compressed air and gas.

The newly developed parabolic mirror for the LD 500 / LD 510 is available now. We will gladly make you a non-binding offer. Simply contact us via our contact form or directly via telephone (please refer to the bottom of the screen for telephone numbers).



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