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Reduction of compressed air costs made easy! New leak detector with camera shows the leakage rate in liters / min and costs in € (and all other currencies)

Compressed air is an expensive but indispensable medium in industrial, automated production. Due to leakages, between 10% and 25% of the generated compressed air is lost. The production of 1 m³ of compressed air costs an average of 2 cents in Europe. Even the smallest leaks with only 16 liters / min cause annual costs of 152 euros. Finding and eliminating leaks therefore offers enormous saving potentials in every company using compressed air.

Until now, leak detectors have been used exclusively to detect the leaks, quantifying the leakage rate in liters / min was cumbersome and inaccurate. With the new LD 500 Leak Detector, CS Instruments GmbH & Co. KG is now launching an affordable device which displays the leakage rate in liters / min (or cfm for US units) directly on the display of the leak detection device. In addition, the leak detector LD 500 calculates the resulting leakage costs in euros per year (currency freely adjustable). This allows the user to decide on-site which compressed air leaks have to be repaired as quickly as possible due to the high losses and which leaks can rather be fixed on a lower priority.

The search for and exact location of compressed air and gas leaks is based on the principle of ultrasonic measurement. Due to the high pressure, even the smallest air and gas leaks cause ultrasonic frequencies, which often cannot be detected by the human ear. The electronics of the LD 500 “amplify” these ultrasonic signals and forward them as acoustic signals to the headphones of the LD 500, hence the user can hear even the smallest leaks which otherwise would be impossible to be detected.

The integrated camera and display enables the user to take a photo of the found leaks and document it directly on the screen of the LD 500. For documentation, the photo, the leakage rate in liters / min, the costs in euros (or any other currency), the name of the company, department, location with date and time can be stored on the LD 500. The stored data can easily be exported to any standard USB stick and evaluated with the optionally available PC evaluation software "CS Leak Reporter". The software automatically generates a clear report, combining all leakages found in the company, including photos, liters / min, costs, and all other details captured. Those reports can be created for the entire company or per department and can be saved as a pdf file. The accumulated figures at the end of those reports provides a simple overview of the total leakage rate quantified in liters / min and the total leakage costs per year.

The Leak Detector LD 500 is offered as a complete set in a robust service case. Useful accessories such as the focus tube with a straightening tip for pinpointing leakages in the tightest of spaces as well as the acoustic trumpet for detecting the smallest leaks, even at distances of up to 6 m, are included in the set. For special requirements such as leak detection at a distance of up to 20 meters, a parabolic mirror is also available as an optional accessory. For extremely hard-to-reach places, a flexible gooseneck is also available.

More information about the LD 500 and accessories are available on 






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