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CS Instruments founder Wolfgang Blessing answers the questions of the economic forum in Germany

Wolfgang Blessing - Founder and CEO of CS Instruments

Wolfgang Blessing - Founder and CEO of CS Instruments GmbH & Co. KG

Success through hard work and innovation - a philosophy that Wolfang Blessing, founder and owner of CS Instruments, has always considered more than just a marketing slogan. Innovative products, team-spirit and the building of successful, long-term relationships with customers and partners around the world is what has made CS Instruments one of the leading manufacturers of measuring instruments in the compressed air and gases industries.

Despite this ongoing success story and the continuous growth that comes with it this team spirit persists until today and shall persists for a long time. To learn how Wolfang Blessing sees the future of CS Instruments and what trends in the industry he considers important in the near future, read our press release or visit the homepage of the german economic forum (only available in german language).



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