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(Re-) Calibration service

In order to measure precisely, calibration of your equipment is essential. Depending on hazard class or cost size of the transported medium small deviations can sometimes be significant. CS Instruments offers a certified re-calibration service of your sensors to overcome.

In the CS calibration laboratory, dewpoint- and flow sensors are being recalibrated to industry standards. High precision sensors offer a high degree of accuracy of approximately 0.5 % of the measured value in flow sensors. The calibration range for dew point sensors ranges from -80 to 20 ° Ctd. We can offer you even higher accuracy. The certified reference DKD – or BAM – certification ensure an accuracy up to 0.1 ° Ctd at dew point. This type of calibration is recommended for many industries including automotive-, aerospace- and oil industries.

The particular advantage of calibration from the CS lab is located in the digital data transmission: So only the sensor must be calibrated while the display devices (data loggers) remain installed on site.

For ongoing accurate measurement results, we recommend that you let all your sensors recalibrate every 12 months.

Mobile calibration

For the on-site calibration, we keep three control and adjustment set for the reference values ​​of relative humidity ready. In addition, you can request a ISO certified precision calibration of -40 ° Ctd or 3.

  • Control and calibration set 11.3% RH
  • Control and calibration set 33% RH
  • Control and calibration set 75.3% RH

Benefits of calibration for flow sensors

Calibration range: 0-4000 m3 / h under pressure

Accuracy of the reference : between 0.5 and 1 % of measured value

Benefits of calibration for dew point

Calibration range: -80 to 20° Ctd

Accuracy of the reference : 0.1° Ctd

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