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Leak detector LD 400

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Leak detector LD 400

Our leak detector LD 400 is the successor of the proven LD 300 and convinces by its refined sensor technology and its improved support in the tracing of leaks. By means of the LD 400 even the smallest leakages in compressed air lines, gas, vapour, vacuum plants or refrigeration plants can be detected even from distances of several meters.


If gases escape through leaks in piping systems (e.g. untight screwed connections, corrosions and so on) ultrasonic noises are generated. With the LD 400 even the smallest leakages which cannot be heard by the human ear can be detected. The LD 400 transforms inaudible signals into a frequency which can be identified. By means of the comfortable sound-proof headset these noises can be realized even in extremely noisy environments.


Due to a particularly designed acoustic trumpet the leak detector LD 400 achieves a better focusing of the acoustic waves. This acoustic trumpet acts like a directional microphone while interfering ambient noises are cushioned and the accurate localization of the leakages is eased even in areas which are difficult to access.

Special features of LD 400

  • Robustness and the little weight ensure a fatigue-proof use in industrial environments
  • Improved detection of leaks with optional acoustic trumpet
  • Modern lithium-ion battery with high capacity, external recharger
  • Minimum operating time 10 h
  • Easy operation via keypad
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The CS Instruments product portfolio includes measuring devices for numerous applications in compressed air and gas measurement. Both small industrial companies and large OEM customers, for example from the automotive industry, rely on our reliable measuring instruments made in Germany and are fully supported by our worldwide dealer and partner network.

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