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PRODUCTS/Leak Detection/ *** NEW *** Leak detector with camera LD 500/510

*** NEW *** Leak detector with camera LD 500/510

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Leak detector with camera – indicates leakage rate in l/min and costs in €

The new leak meters LD 500/510 with integrated camera and leakage calculation are ideal measuring instruments which help to find and document even smallest leakages (0.1 l/min corresponds to approx. 1 € p. a.) easily even in far distances.

LD 510 is the worldwide first leak meter with an additional freely assignable sensor input for all CS sensors. In addition to the leakage measurement and detection also all necessary measurements with regards to dew point, flow, pressure, and temperature ... can be carried out.

Special features of leak detector LD 500/LD 510

  • Find out your leak size (l/min) and potential saving (€/year)
  • Find the smallest leaks in far distance
  • Auto level: Auto adapts the sensitivity automatically to the environment and eliminates the ambient noise reliably
  • Photograph leaking parts
  • Describe the leak and necessary actions
  • Transmit the leak details via USB to your desktop software
  • Create an ISO 50001 report
  • Seek the leak the whole day (9 hours)
  • Additional sensor input for CS Instruments sensors (LD 510 only)

Optional accessories for easy localization of leaks

The detection of compressed air and gas leaks can be more or less problematic depending on the accessibility of the systems. We therefore offer special accessories for our LD 500/510 leak detectors to facilitate leak detection in difficult-to-access areas.

These include, for example, a special acoustic trumpet, a focus tube with focus tip, the so-called flexible "gooseneck" and a parabolic mirror. For more information please see also the additional product images on the left.

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