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Measuring devices for leak detection and calculation

Leakages are the reason for the biggest waste of energy in compressed air systems. Several studies show that 30% of the cost of compressed air can be saved by eliminating leakages. Therefore, it is a must to detect and eliminate leakages frequently. Our LD-Series will give you all the function needed to detect leakages and measure the consequences in terms of energy consumption and wasted money.

Typical applications of our measuring instruments in this section are leakage detection in compressed air systems and leak testing of unpressurized systems.


leak detector for compressed air - LD 500

*** NEW *** Leak detector with camera LD 500/510

Create an ISO 50001 report with leak detector LD 500 with camera and leakage calculation (l/min and costs in €).

CS Leak Reporter - Software to create air and gas leak reports according ISO 50001

CS Leak Reporter software for leak detector LD 500/510

For detailed ISO 50001 reports. Gives an illustrated overview on the detected leaks and possible savings.

leak detector LD 400

Leak detector LD 400

is the advancement of the proven LD 300 and even the smallest leakages can be detected even from distances of several meters.

Leak detector LD 400-set in a case

Leak detector LD 400-set in a case

The set includes a robust impact-proof transportation case which contains all necessary components and accessories.


Which leak detection device to choose?

While LD 400 is reliable in detecting leaks the LD500 is also able to calculate the costs those leaks will cause over time. The user gets a review about the actual state of the tested system and about the estimated potential cost savings. If you are not sure which instrument is for you please contact our experts. We help you to find the leak detection device that fits the application needs in your compressed air or gas environment.

The following table gives you an idea of how much the actual potential savings are that you can realize by detecting leaks in compressed air systems. 

Leakage SizeAir lossEnergy lossCosts
Diameter (mm)6 bar (l/s)12 bar (l/s)6 bar (kWh)12 bar (kWh)6 bar (€)12 bar (€)

(Source: Efficiency in compressed air, kWh x 0.06 € x 8000 working hours per year)

Our leak detectors are suitable for the following gas types:

✓ air / compressed air✓ argon (Ar)
✓ nitrogen (N2)✓ oxygen (O2)

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