Review of training day with customers from Sweden

Special thanks to Sam.H. (Maintenance Engineer/ Media & Energy Optimization at Volvo Cars) who summarized his stay as follows: 

"I recently completed an inspiring training trip to VS-Tannheim, Germany, at the CS INSTRUMENTS factory. I am impressed by how CS deals with environmental issues and sustainability. All measuring instruments are made by hand, and all electronic components, including circuit boards, are designed and produced by CS itself in a nearby company to minimize transport distances. Plastic and steel components are also sourced from nearby companies, further reducing their carbon footprint. The CS building is self-sustaining thanks to solar panels, and rainwater is collected in accumulator tanks to be used for toilets. These sustainable practices mean that CS really lives up to our expectations as a partner that puts sustainability at the center. Many thanks to Michael Kromer for his patience with my questions and to Thomas Blessing and Anders Åhs for the excellent training. At Volvo Cars, the focus is on the environment and sustainability as well as safety."