Calibration for consumption and Dew point sensors

The most important thing for your accurate measurements? Calibration of the sensors. Because depending on the hazard class or the cost of the transported medium, even small deviations can be significant. CS INSTRUMENTS therefore offers you certified recalibration for your sensors.

Our recommendation: Calibrate your sensors every 12 months.

Your consumption & Dew point sensors are calibrated by experts in the CS calibration laboratory. Your special advantage: digital data transmission. This means you only have to send the sensor in for calibration, while the display devices (Data loggers) remain installed on site.

Your advantages

Advantages of calibration for Consumption sensors

  • Calibration range: from 0 to 4,000 m³/h under Pressure
  • High-precision reference measuring devices guarantee an Accuracy of up to 0.5 percent of the Measured value

Advantages of calibration for Dew point sensors

  • Calibration range: from -80 to +20°Ctd
  • The certified reference devices (DKD or BAM certificate) guarantee an Accuracy of up to 0.1°Ctd.

This is how it works:

Simply fill out the return form for (re-)calibrating your sensors and send it to our service address together with the devices.

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