Leakage measurement

Leak detection in compressed air systems plays a crucial role in ensuring Efficiency and cost savings. Leakages in compressed air lines can not only lead to a significant loss of energy, but can also affect the performance of compressed air systems. Leak detection measuring devices are therefore indispensable tools for identifying, quantifying and eliminating Leakages.

A fundamental tool for Leak detection is the Ultrasonic Leak Detector. This device uses Ultrasonic sensors to detect the high frequency noises caused by Leakages in compressed air systems. By localising these noises, maintenance teams can precisely identify the location of the Leak. The use of ultrasonic leakage detectors enables a quick response to Leakages, reduces energy loss and thus helps to reduce operating costs.

In the following concrete application examples, we have summarised some of the cases that have been relevant to us in the past and provide initial indications of which devices you can use to solve the respective problems.