CS Instruments again sponsors the "Compressed Air Challenge"

CS Instruments again sponsors the project Compressed Air Challenge

Improving the energy efficiency and operational efficiency of industrial compressed air systems has been the goal of all our product development since the founding of CS Instruments in 2002. The closeness to the customer and the promise of “industrially approved” product design are therefore integral parts of our company philosophy.

The Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) as an international collaboration of key stakeholders in compressed air technology, has been setting standards in developing and distributing innovative, product-neutral information and training materials for years. Therefore, we are pleased to announce our support for this great project once again in 2019.

Crucial to our ongoing commitment to CAC is the fact that this voluntary collaboration not only includes manufacturers and distributors of compressed air devices, but also involves consultants from government research and development agencies, various energy efficiency organizations and, of course, industrial end users.

Our active support of the CAC provides our development department with valuable insights and new perspectives on our compressed air instruments and services and therefore enables us to anticipate future market-requirements as well as to participate in the process of evolving compressed air technologies.

For more information about the project please visit the official website of the Compressed Air Challenge.



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