Shanghai – experience and get in touch with Process Technology!

The booth of CS Instruments at the German Pavilion of the AchemAsia 2019
CS Instruments presents innovative measurement technology at the German Pavilion of the AchemAsia 2019
Interested visitors of the fair during a lecture at the AchemAsia 2019

For the first time in 30 years, the "AchemAsia" has moved closer to the industrial centers of Shanghai. The fair provided a clear profile as "International Expo and Innovation Forum for Sustainable Chemical Production" and focused on topics of particular relevance to China's process industry: Sustainability and innovation.

As an exhibitor at the German Pavillion, we were able to introduce our visitors to our innovative solutions for the automated measurement and monitoring of compressed air and gas systems. Furthermore, we presented our latest product in the field of leak detection: the leak detector LD 500/510. The visitors were able to test the device live at the fair and experience for themselves how easy and fast the device not only finds leaks, but also measures and documents them at the same time.

For 30 years, AchemAsia has accompanied the Chinese process industry and developed with it. This is also reflected in the composition of the exhibitors: With 222 exhibitors, by far the largest stake came from the People's Republic of China itself, Germany represented the second largest group with 62 exhibitors. AchemAsia is a coalescence of the global process industry and therefore we are pleased that we will also exhibit at the next station of AchemAsia in June 2021 in Frankfurt/Main.



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