VA 525 - Compact inline flow sensor with integrated flow straightener for easy installation

VA 525 - Compact in-line flow sensor

The VA 525 is the ideal device to ensure energy monitoring in systems with many compressed air consumers.

FA 550 - for dew point measurement in compressed air and gas under harsh industrial conditions

FA 550 - Dew point sensor in robust die-cast aluminum housing

The FA 550 is ideal for determining the dew point in outdoor areas and harsh industrial environments.

CS Leak Reporter - Software to create air and gas leak reports according ISO 50001

CS Leak Reporter software for leak detector LD 500/510

For detailed ISO 50001 reports. Gives an illustrated overview on the detected leaks and possible savings.

M-Bus flow meters for compressed air, natural and industrial gas

M-Bus - Industrial gas meter

State-of-the-art industrial gas meter with M-Bus for compressed air, natural gas, biogas and many other applications.

leak detector for compressed air - LD 500

*** NEW *** Leak detector with camera LD 500/510

Create an ISO 50001 report with leak detector LD 500 with camera and leakage calculation (l/min and costs in €).

Proven and innovative measurement systems for compressed air and gases

For years CS Instruments has been one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of measuring technology for compressed air and gases. Our long-term experience in production, supply and drying of compressed air contributes to research, development and production of innovative portable and stationary measuring instruments.

As a result we offer field proven and practicable measuring instruments for compressed air and gas like e. g.: Dew point meters, pressure dew point meters for refrigeration and adsorption dryers (according to ISO 8573), flow meters / consumption meters for compressed air and gases, leak detectors and software solutions to analyse and monitor those measurement devices.

CS Instruments catalog 2019

First of all, we would like to thank all Turkish customers and partners very much for the successful cooperation and the trust in us over the years....

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