The monitoring system for high-precision measuring of the Vaporous Residual oil content of Compressed air and Nitrogen.

"Forced Pressure Variation" for Long-term stable measurement results - auto-calibration:

Using the innovative "Forced Pressure Variation" measuring method, the OIL CHECK 500 generates internal reference gas in different mass concentrations. This CS INSTRUMENTS-protected process can be used to compensate for ageing or contamination-related components in the measurement signal, in particular long-term drift. No wearing parts such as activated carbon filters are required for the generation of zero air. The result is Low maintenance and Long-term stable Measuring.

Service friendly, no downtime:

The sensor unit can be replaced by the customer on site. This eliminates the need to return the entire device for recalibration.

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Process reliability:

All functions / components are monitored internally. A complete function test report can be printed out using the service software.

On-site calibration:

Calibration can be carried out in the field using test gas cylinders. The service software can be used to generate a
verification report (as-found data) and a calibration report (as-left data) can be generated.

Ideal for Portable Measuring:

Compact Measuring devices, easy sampling and quickly ready for Measuring

Simple installation

Air inlet / air outlet - sampling via PTFE hose
or stainless steel line.
Digital and analogue interfaces as standard.
Connection via M12 plug

Service friendly - no downtime

Loosen four screws - replace sensor unit. At the touch of a button
a complete function test is carried out. This means that
Measuring can be continued almost without interruption.

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