Standard measuring chamber for compressed air up to 16 bar

Standard measuring chamber

When using the dew point sensors, it is always recommended to use a suitable measuring chamber. In this way, the sensor can be very easily inserted and removed from any compressed air line by means of a quick coupling. The advantages of using the measuring chamber are as follows:

  • Since the sensor does not have to be unscrewed, it can be easily installed and removed under pressure
  • Service and calibration work is possible without interrupting production.
  • The pressure dew point is measured via the measuring chamber in the same way as for inline measurement, since the same pressure prevails in the measuring chamber as in the pipeline.
  • An air flow of approx. 1l/min escapes via the copper capillary of the measuring chamber. This results in a forced flow and no "stagnant" air is measured. In addition, the reaction time is thus shortened.
  • The measuring chamber isolates the sensor from the line. This prevents the sensor from being clogged by dirt in the compressed air, which may well be the case if it is installed directly in the line.
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for compressed air up to 16 bar

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