Dew point measurement

Dew point measurement in compressed air is a crucial aspect of ensuring the quality and efficiency of compressed air systems. The dew point temperature is the temperature at which the air is saturated and water vapor begins to condense. In compressed air systems, it is crucial to monitor the Dew point to prevent condensation and the resulting problems such as corrosion, production losses and quality degradation.

A key instrument for Dew point measurement is the Dew point transmitter or Dew point meter. This instrument enables continuous monitoring of humidity and temperature in compressed air systems. By accurately determining the Dew point, the relative humidity can be determined, which in turn helps to predict potential problems.

The use of Dew point transmitters is particularly important in environments where dry air is required, such as paint shops, pharmaceutical production facilities or food processing plants. In these industries, it is critical that the Compressed air is free of moisture to ensure product quality and process integrity.

Below we have collected some of the specific applications where CS INSTRUMENTS dew point measurement systems are already helping to meet the above requirements with ease.