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PRODUCTS/Dew Point/ DP 500 - Portable dew point meter with integrated data logger

DP 500 - Portable dew point meter with integrated data logger

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DP 500 - Portable dew point meter for compressed air and gases

The dew point meter DP 500 with data logger is the ideal portable service instrument for dew point measurement for all types of dryers down to -80°Ctd dew point. The 3.5“ graphic display with touch screen makes the operation very easy. The graphic indication of coloured measuring curves is unique. Ideal for measurement of the current dew point and for graphic indication of the dew point curve/ the switching behavior of the dryer over a longer period of time.

Up to 100 million measured values can be stored with date and measuring site name. The measured data can be transferred to the computer via USB stick. The data can be evaluated comfortably by means of the software CS Soft Basic. Measured data and service reports can be issued easily and quickly.

Special features of dew point measurement DP 500

  • Percise dew point measurement down to -80°Ctd
  • Quick response time
  • 3.5" graphic display / easy operation via touch screen
  • Integrated data logger for storage of the measured values
  • USB interface for reading out via USB stick
  • Calculates all necessary moisture parameters like g/m³, mg/m³, ppm V/V, g/kg, °Ctdatm
  • International: Up to 8 languages selectable
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Mobile Dew Point Measurement System with integrated Pressure Sensor - DP 400 mobile

DP 400 mobile - Mobile Dew Point Measurement with Pressure Sensor

Mobile dew point measurement system to measure dew point and other pressure dependent values.

Portable dew point meter DP 510 with third party sensor

DP 510 - Portable dew point meter with third-party sensor

Disposes all functions of our DP 500 and comes with an additional - freely assignable - sensor input.

Dew point sensor for residual moisture measurement - FA 510 / FA 515

FA 510/515 - Dew point sensor for adsorption dryers

For residual moisture measurement after desiccant dryers/ membrane dryers from -80 to 20°Ctd. New: with Modbus-RTU interface.


Suitable accessories

Standard dew point measuring chamber for compressed air up to 16 bar

Standard measuring chamber

for compressed air up to 16 bar

High-pressure dew point measuring chamber for compressed air up to 350 bar

High-pressure measuring chamber

for compressed air up to 350 bar

Control and calibration set for dew point sensors

Control and calibration set for dew point sensors

is screwed onto the dew point sensor and therefore enables an easy and low-priced possibility for on-site control and calibration down to -20°Ctd.

Measuring chamber stainless steel 1.4304 for dew point measurement

Measuring chamber stainless steel 1.4305, for dew point measurement

in gases / air up to 350 bar


The CS Instruments product portfolio includes measuring devices for numerous applications in compressed air and gas measurement. Both small industrial companies and large OEM customers, for example from the automotive industry, rely on our reliable measuring instruments made in Germany and are fully supported by our worldwide dealer and partner network.

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