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PRODUCTS/Leak Detection/ CS Leak Reporter V2 - reporting software for LD 500/510

CS Leak Reporter V2 - reporting software for LD 500/510

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After you have imported the leakage data documented with the LD 500 or LD 510 into the "CS Leak Reporter V2" desktop software, you can create automated leakage reports on your computer with just a few clicks. This saves you a lot of time and effort instead of manually noting, sorting, and visualizing the data. This saves you a lot of time since there is no need to manually note, sort and visualize the data.

With the report, you can show the operator of the compressed air system or the department manager, the company's energy manager, or ISO 50.001 auditor which leaks have been repaired and by how much you have reduced the loss of compressed air in your company. The report shows the savings in energy costs, e.g., €, electrical energy in kWh and emissions in tons of CO2 each year.

Advantages of the CS Leak Reporter software:

  • Creation of a PDF or EXCEL leak report
  • Creation of the LD 500 database (measuring point and troubleshooting) via the Leak Reporter software
  • Import of data from LD 500 via USB stick
  • List of companies for which compressed air leaks have been imported
  • Structured and transparent data filing, e.g., one project per quarter: Q1 2021, Q2 2021, Q3 2021, Q4 2021.
  • In addition, you can freely move or copy leakages between companies, buildings, and projects
  • Adjustment of the made parameters in LD 500 via the project master data
  • Each leakage can be edited individually

You can create the leakage report for the entire company or each department.

Thanks to the automatic summation of the report, you always have an overview of the total leakage quantity in l/min and are always aware of the associated leakage costs per year.

In addition, the software calculates the CO2 emissions of individual leakages and the sum of the emissions of all leakages, thus showing the user that the elimination of compressed air leakages is a component in the decarbonization of the manufacturing industries.

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