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Proven flow meters and flow measurement devices for compressed air and gas

Not sure which flow meter is right for your specific application? Then simply contact us in advance. As a leading supplier of flow meters and systems for consumption measurement, we will be happy to help you find the right system for measuring the flow of your compressed air or gas system and will make you a non-binding offer.

Flow Meter with Modbus Interface - VA 500

VA 500 - Flow meter for compressed air and gases

RS 485 interface, Modbus RTU, 4...20 mA analogue output for m³/h, Pulse output for m³.

Mass Flow Meter - VA 520

VA 520 - Thermal mass flow meter for flow measurement

for compressed air and gases. New digital electronics - improved accuracy.

Flow Meter with ATEX Approval - VA550

VA 550 - Thermal mass flow sensor for flow measurement

Insertion type sensor for demanding industrial applications, with ATEX approval for Ex zones or DVGW approval for use in natural gas.

Flow Meter with Measuring Section - VA 570

VA 570 - Thermal mass flow meter for consumption measurement

ATEX approval for hazardous areas and DVGW approval for use in natural gas.


VA 521 - Compact Inline flow meter for compressed air and other gas types

The ideal device for energy monitoring in compressed air and other gas systems with many consumers.

VA 525 - Compact inline flow sensor with integrated flow straightener for easy installation

VA 525 - Compact in-line flow sensor

The ideal device for energy monitoring in compressed air and nitrogen systems with many consumers.


VD 500 – Flow meter for FAD measurement

For measuring downstream of the compressor in wet air up to +200 °C


VU 570 - Vortex ultrasonic flow sensor

For technical gases and mixed gases - independent from gas composition

Vortex Flow sensor for vapour, gases and liquids

VX 570 - Vortex Flow sensor for steam, gases and liquids

The high-precision all-rounder with integrated pressure and temperature compensation

M-Bus flow meters for compressed air, natural and industrial gas

M-Bus - Industrial gas meter

State-of-the-art industrial gas meter with M-Bus for compressed air, natural gas, biogas and many other applications.

Portable flow measurement device - PI 500

PI 500 for e.g. portable flow measurement

The PI 500 is an all-purpose hand-held measuring instrument for many applications in the industry.

Mass flow measurement device - DS 400

DS 400 - Flow measurement for compressed air and gases

consisting of: Chart recorder DS 400 and flow sensor VA 500

Flow direction switch for flow measurement in compressed air and gas pipes - VA 409

VA 409 - Flow direction switch for compressed air systems

serves for determination of the flow direction of compressed air and gases especially in closed circular pipelines and detects smallest changes <0.1 m/s.

Intelligent chart recorder DS 500 for compressed air and gases

Intelligent chart recorder DS 500 for compressed air and gases

Up to 12 optional sensors can be connected. 7" colour screen with touch panel.

Intelligent mobile chart recorder DS 500 mobile for compressed air and gases

Intelligent mobile chart recorder - DS 500 mobile

Energy analysis according to DIN EN ISO 50001, flow measurement, leakage calculation at compressed air systems.

Chart recorder DS 400 with graphic display

Chart recorder - DS 400

3.5" graphic display with touch screen. Option integrated data logger. Up to 4 sensor inputs. Option Ethernet / RS 485 interface.

Affordable mobile chart recorder in a case DS 400 mobile

Affordable mobile chart recorder in a case - DS 400 mobile

for energy analysis, flow measurement, leakage calculation at compressed air systems.

Flow meter - VA 400

Flow sensor VA 400 for compressed air and gases

available in a robust housing with and without display. Depth scale for accurate installation. Usable from 1/2" to 12" (DN 300).

Flow Meter - VA 420

Flow sensor VA 420 with integrated measuring section

Intelligent solutions for flow measurement of compressed air and gases. With and without flange available.



Measuring sections for precise flow measurements

Measuring sections for precise measurements

Measuring section made of stainless steel 1.4301 incl. ball valve, up to DN 65 (R2 1/2") with external thread, from DN 80 with weld neck flange according to DIN 2633.

Spot drilling collars for compressed air and gas pipes

Spot drilling collars

If there is no measuring site with 1/2" ball valve present it can be set up by means of spot drilling collars.

Drilling jig for set up a measuring site

Drilling jig for set up a measuring site

By means of a special drilling device a measuring site with 1/2" ball valve can be easily set up within a few minutes.

High-pressure protection for safe installation of dew point measuring devices

High-pressure protection

The supplementary device "high-pressure protection" serves for a safe installation and fastening of the CS sensors VA 500 under pressure.

Thickness meter for compressed air and gas pipes - CS 0495

Thickness meter CS 0495

enables a quick, easy and accurate measurement of the wall thickness of pipes.



Proven flow meters for any application

CS Instruments has been an expert in the field of consumption measurement and flow measurement for many years and serves customers worldwide with the most advanced and field proven flow meters. For this reason, we offer a wide range of tools for almost any application needs.

An example: The consumption sensors of our VA550 and VA570 have been developed especially for rough industrial applications. Thanks to their robust, impact-resistant aluminum die-cast housing, these flow meters can easily be installed outdoors (IP65). On request, we also offer an ATEX approval for our flow meters. Those flow measurement devices can be used up to a maximum pressure of 100 bar and a maximum temperature of 180 °C. Our direct immersion variants are the ideal flow meters for existing compressed air and gas lines and can be easily installed and removed under pressure via a ½" ball valve. Those flow sensors are available with different shaft lengths and can also be used in very large pipelines > DN 1000 or rectangular ducts.

Why to choose a flow meter made by CS Instruments

Within the package of our flow measurement devices there is always a factory calibration certificate. Optionally, ISO certificates are also available, which can be traced back to the national standard. While ISO 1217 (1000 mbar, 20 ° C) is generally used to measure compressed air flows, DIN1343 (1013 mbar, 0 ° C) is used to measure most industrial gases. In addition to the consumption measurement, our flow meters can also be used for leakage measurement and leak detection. Therefore, our flow measurement devices are the perfect all-in-one tools to provide users with all necessary information on possible energy savings.

In contrast to many other working principles, the pressure loss resulting from our consumption measurement method is negligible. Each consumption meter can be equipped with various interfaces and thus ensures the connection to your control technology, data loggers or evaluation devices. These include e.g. 4 ... 20mA, pulse, Modbus RTU, M-BUS or even Ethernet. Our thermal mass flow meters can also cover a wide range of applications and media.

Flow meters from CS Instruments are suitable for gases like: 

✓ air / compressed air ✓ carbon dioxide (CO2) ✓ laughing gas (N2O)
✓ nitrogen (N2) ✓ oxygen (O2) ✓ propane (C3H8)
✓ argon (Ar) ✓ hydrogen (H2) ✓ natural gas
✓ helium (He) ✓ methane (CH4) ✓ vacuum

Which flow measurement device is for you?

All flow meters from CS Instruments work according to the calorimetric measuring principle. This means, while measuring the thermal mass flow or standard volume flow, no additional temperature and pressure compensation is necessary. The standard volume is a common volumetric unit used to compare gas quantities at different pressures and temperatures. In order to meet various standards, the reference conditions can be set directly on the display of each flow meter. Thus, our reliable flow meters provide consumption and flow measurement within the individual standard our customers wish to use them.

Our philosophy is to help our customers finding the products that exactly meet with their needs. Therefore, we are looking forward to giving you a free consultation which flow meter or flow measurement equipment would be the correct choice for your individual application requirements. Just use our contact form or simply give as a call.

The CS Instruments product portfolio includes measuring devices for numerous applications in compressed air and gas measurement. Both small industrial companies and large OEM customers, for example from the automotive industry, rely on our reliable measuring instruments made in Germany and are fully supported by our worldwide dealer and partner network.

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